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Yad LaKashish &
Neve Michael Children’s Village

This year in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Collier County we’ve decided to join such efforts.  In addition to this season’s exciting speaker presentations, starting September we will be sending proceeds from our programs to 2 JFCC vetted, charitable organizations in Israel:

The Yad LaKashish Food ProgramThis program helps to meet the essential need for basic nutrition for the elderly poor in Israel. The main goals of this charity are:
  1.  Providing hunger relief on a daily basis to poor and indigent senior citizens.
  2.  Alleviating the cost of food purchase and burden of preparation for the needy elderly.
  3. Ensuring proper nutrition and nourishment among the elderly participants.
  4. Creating a sense of security within this group.
  5. Facilitating increased social and interaction integration within this group.

Neve Michael Children’s VillageThe Neve Michael Children’s Village provides a loving home for 280 at risk children ages 4-18 years old.  Amongst other services, the Village provides:
  1. The only multidisciplinary children’s home in Israel.
  2. A 24/7 Emergency Crisis Center.
  3. Day Care facilities for 80 disadvantaged children.
  4. Elementary school for 110 students.
  5. A therapy and tutorial enrichment center.
For those traveling to Israel and wishing to visit either or both of these facilities please contact me and a private tour can be arranged.

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