15 Seconds: Sderot Under Attack

Once again the waning days of Summer are upon us as we approach the Jewish holidays barely a month away.  All of our snowbird friends will soon be returning with stories of travel and good times spent over the past few weeks in their favorite getaways.  Unfortunately the same can’t be said for our brothers and sisters living in Israel.   As we are all painfully aware, after nine years of constant rocket attacks, kidnappings, and murders Israel has been forced once again to go to war with Hamas, a terrorist organization sworn to the annihilation of every Jew not only in Israel but worldwide.  Most immediately however, their bloodlust has been focused upon the towns and cities directly adjacent to Gaza.  One in particular has suffered the most from this Islamic culture of violence, the town of Sderot.   Words alone cannot convey the deep physical scars and mental anguish our fellow Jews have been forced to experience on a daily basis.  Living here in the comfort of the United States one may empathize but still find it difficult to fathom the pure terror our people in Sderot experience knowing they have only 15 seconds to find shelter for their families from the time the sirens begin blaring and rockets begin to fall. The following 2 minute film should drive home that point and show us all why it’s incumbent upon us living here in safety to aid our fellow Jews in Sderot during their time of need.

Please view this VIDEO and follow the links to get involved
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