ZOA SWFL Applauds Anti-BDS Supporters

Recently Colorado and Arizona enacted “anti-BDS” bills and joined Illinois (the first in July 2015) and South Carolina. More and more states, 21 at last count, have presented bills to the US Congress as positive action to prevent economic warfare against the Jewish State.
This could not come at a more critical at a time; with the BDS movement so zealously infiltrating the mindset of the uninformed American public. Despite their purported objective; BDS is not about justice for Palestinians. If it were, the BDS movement would also be opposed to the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas; who actually oppress and impoverish their own people while consuming a huge percentage of international aid for indoctrination of their children to become terrorists, build up illegal armies and offensive weaponry stockpiles and construct “terror tunnels”. Instead; the BDS movement is just another enemy of the Jewish state rooted in traditional anti-Semitism.
In reality; BDS is extinguishing what had remained of peaceful co-existence, by inciting hatred and needlessly damaging the economic well-being of Arab Israelis. The most obvious example is its forced relocation of SodaStream©, costing the loss of 500 well-paying Arab jobs last October.

PLO leadership agreed, in 1993 by signing of the Oslo accords, to cooperate economically with Israel. Instead, PA leadership and anti-Israel hate groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, Friends of Sabeel-North America and Jewish Voice for Peace have mounted anti-Semitic econo-warfare against Israel and Jews worldwide; including here in the USA.
As recently as February 2016; Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and ten other House members requested that the State Department investigate claims that Israel has committed “gross violations of human rights” with the intent to force cuts in military aid to Israel. Not surprisingly; this investigation was not released until after a frenzied media outbreak about an Israeli soldier shooting a “stabbing” terrorist. Which, at that time, according to MDA’s report of the latest form of intifada tallied 33 Israelis killed and more than 300 wounded in 222 terror attacks.

A number of far left-wing Jewish groups have been actively working to stop the passing of anti-BDS legislation. It is important to know and share this list of groups which includes: Partners for Progressive Israel, J Street (by honoring, featuring, and sponsoring BDS leaders at conferences and college campuses), Jewish Voice for Peace, Open Hillel, Americans for Peace Now, The Third Narrative (subsidiary of Ameinu), and the New Israel Fund (funds BDS groups, including the groups that built BDS infrastructure).

These groups along with Students for Justice in Palestine and Friends of Sabeel-North America are using university campuses as primary indoctrination centers. The ZOA, working with regional partners to monitor and identify extreme anti-Semitism that Jewish and pro-Israel students are facing in light of BDS activities; has developed statements and provided information to Campus Regents to assist them in identifying specific incidents college students have been facing. Campus Regents are beginning to recognize and acknowledge that anti-Israel events and BDS campaigns contribute to an atmosphere of hostility on campus which incites individuals to commit hate crimes against and target Jewish students.

The ZOA applauds Congress and House representatives and college administrators for their efforts to oppose the anti-Semitic econo-warfare of the BDS movement and support the right of Israel to self-determine. The goal of our ZOA chapter, like that of the national organization, is to educate the community, the general public, elected officials, and the media about the truth of the ongoing Arab war against Israel. We invite you to visit our web site at www.zoaswfl.org to learn more, to register to attend our programs and to get involved.

-Gene Sipe, VP SWFL Chapter

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