Ayatollahs consider the US their chief target

Below you’ll find my politically-incorrect columns on the most critical threat to US national security and economic interests: the nuclearized Ayatollahs. They conduct hate-America education system, bankroll global anti-US Islamic terrorism, terrorize all pro-US Arab regimes, co-develop nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities with anti-US North Korea, collaborate militarily with anti-US Venezuela, egregiously violate civil liberties and systematically abrogate agreements.


The articles are based on my 40 year experience  – as a researcher, diplomat (Ambassador), lecturer, writer and consultant to members of the US Congress and Israel’s Knesset –  in the areas of Middle East politics, US-Israel relations and US policy in the Middle East:


1. Iran’s School Textbooks – can Congress afford to ignore the most authentic reflection of the Ayatollahs’ inherent anti-US tactics & strategy?

2.  Saudi Arabia VS. President Obama and Secretary Kerry (the pro-US Arab regimes consider the nuclear deal a lethal threat).

3. The Nuclearized Ayatollahs would compound major threats, to vital US interests, posed by the conventional Ayatollahs.

4. Iran and the suspension of disbelief – can the US afford a nuclear Iran?

5. Iran – there are reasonable alternatives!

6. The US voter is very clear on the Iran debate.

7. Military options/threats prevent war.

8. Israel’s unique contributions to the US national security: http://bit.ly/16FP01N.

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