Preserve Israel as a Refuge for Jewish Survival

When I was a teen, my favorite literary genre was science-fiction. I marveled at the concept of technology that could provide safe environments from the hostile outside world. Well, welcome to life under the dome. Without the Iron Dome, Israel would be in rubble, its population mangled and its continued existence severely in question.

In most of those syfi stories, the problem necessitating a dome was environmental. In today’s world, the problem is Jew hatred. There seems to be little doubt that the modern State of Israel came to fruition because of the Jew hatred of the Second World War. While that is a time we would wish were behind us, it is the only logical reason for the growing anti-Semitism we are experiencing around the world today. Europe notwithstanding, from evicting entire communities from their village in Guatemala to murdering unarmed rabbis on their way to synagogue, there is absolutely no other explanation.

Unlike Israel’s neighbors whose populations are under rule of murderous extremists or in the midst of civil war, Israel has an excelling economy that for the most part is providing for her entire population. When you read that the State of Israel is, after three months of investigation and debate, incorporating 4,000 dunams (988 acres) of over 90% unpopulated land into state controlled property to solve their housing crisis, you must wonder why the world is in an uproar.

Subsequently, the population who in the 1960’s began calling themselves Palestinians adopted a violent and relentless land grab with the sole intent to evict the Jews. Under the guise of wanting their own state they proved that that is not their intention at all. This cannot be more exemplified by the situation in Gaza. Today after four engagements by Israel, which were terminated prior to point of reoccupation, Hamas’ approval rating exceeds 60% of the residents of both Gaza and Judea/Samaria. They have no economy to speak of, however they see no problem with receiving billions of dollars funded by outside contributors that are used for weapons and terror tunnels or are stolen by their leaders rather than for the development of social programs and infrastructure. At the same time, they rely upon Israel for their electric, water and sanitation systems.

Jews have been forced from every Arab country and their very existence is threatened in Europe and the eastern bloc. The tiny sliver of real estate known as Israel has and continues to absorb and integrate Jewish refugees from around the world. They are condemned by world leaders and the United Nations, whose purpose is allegedly to “maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict”.

So, let us consider, Israel provides for her citizens (including women and homosexuals) who have equal rights and freedoms, she absorbs Jewish refugees from all around the work and builds a dome of defense to protect its population. However when, Israel builds homes for her residents, she is condemned.

Where the near and middle east is in turmoil, tanks and bombs are crossing borders by the thousands, entire populations are displaced or worse being exterminated, the reality of the world’s position toward Israel has nothing to do with creating a “Palestinian” state. There can be no other explanation than outright anti-Semitism. As such, we as Zionists must preserve Israel as a refuge for Jewish survival. It is more critical now than ever before to find friends and supporters on Capitol Hill, let them know how important it is to support Israel’s sovereignty and ask them to provide financial aid and technological support to defend Jewish existence.

– Gene Sipe, VP Southwest FL Chapter-ZOA
Oct Issue of the Federation Star & L’Chayim

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